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FVN advantageous position

Historical always phone number was communication unit identifier. Till recently it was coupled with world hierarchy of phone switches where first digits mean country code, then city code and local number. With the advent of IP-telephony and intellectual services this system changes. Now you can have personal number – FVN number.

Usually you have several phone numbers: work, cell, home and good idea to have one with automatic switching system to your current place.  Now you can have one universal personal number – FVN number.

One phone number is better to associate with person and not with unit or geographic place.

One number simplifies way to find you and can give you ability to optimize your communication expanses.

FVN (Free Virtual Number) project main ideas:

  1. Unification Provide issue of unique numbers in all real and virtual networks not dependent with physical units or geographic locations.
  2. Compatibility: Provide universal call environment in all real and virtual networks.
  3. Normalization: Provide ability to forward all real numbers to one universal (FVN)
  4. Routing (mapping): Provide flexible routing and mapping system from universal (FVN) to the current real number (automatically or manually).
  5. Optimization: Provide routing optimization between real networks.

1. Unique numbers in all real and virtual networks

In real networks: FVN numbering plan placed in technological area of E.164 without intersection with existing real numbers

In virtual networks we realize centralized registration.

FVN numbers format:

               X             project index
               YYY         zone number
               ZZZZ       phone number

2. Universal call environment

Plenty of separated regional, home and corporative VoIP, mobile or TDM networks makes difficult to find current client location.

FVN have a single meaning in routing.

Variety of VoIP protocols (SIP/H323) and codecs (g729/g711/gsm/...) makes incompatible different networks.

FVN provide all transformations on flow.

3. Normalization – access numbers list (this all for me)

If you have one FVN number you can order local DID in interesting you region (one or several) and make mapping all DID’s to FVN. This is the way to realize multiple virtual point of presence (POP) in regions with only one office.

4. Find current location – intellectual routing (follow me)

FVN allow to specify all possible phone numbers with check priority. Check sequence can be manual or automatic with internet web or phone management.

Valery Donchenko
President, FVN Alliance Inc.

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